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We manufacture unique and robust frames for racing and freestyle drones. All frames are made of high quality materials and undergo a 100% quality control. Each frame is tested and optimized by experienced pilots to offer you a guaranteed first-class product.

Update: 12.04.2023

The Slimboy is currently being tested by our Team pilots. Once we are 100% satisfied with the performance and durability, the Slimboy will be launched. Furthermore we are currently working on FPV merchandise and fashion. Stay tuned for some stunning T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, caps and more!

Update: 29.04.2022
We are proud to announce our new team sponsor:
Mylipo.de supplies us from now on with the best lipos!



Update: 31.03.2022

We are currently working on the development of the Slimboy Racing Frame. We are now in the prototype test phase and will probably start production at the beginning of 2023. The Slimboy is aimed at ambitious racing pilots and every hobby pilot who would like to fly a lightweight frame with as little drag as possible. The frame is extremely stable due to its special Lightning-X design and causes almost zero vibration! This makes PID tuning a no-brainer, possibly even unnecessary.


Arm broken during the race? No problem! The arm is changed within 2 minutes! And the best thing is: All arms are identical and can therefore be mounted at any position of the frame.





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